Minutes 27/08/17

Date: 8/27/2017

Minute-Taker: Sam Taylor

Facilitator: Carlos Lozada

Attendees: Maira, Becca, Mark, Carlos, Slav, Sam

Discussion: - Patronage Launch
Patron scheme to launch this Friday on the 1st of September. Make sure to tell your friends and start sharing all of the social media and e-mails when they start appearing. Carlos, Slav, Vikki, Sam to look after the publicity for the month. The first patron only screening will be on the 1st of October on a Sunday afternoon with the bar after later.
- Facilitators and Structure
Discussed created these facilitator roles by combining with a change to meetings on a Sunday. Possibly having the meeting earlier and more focused towards new volunteers with the facilitators meeting less regularly but still at open meetings. Sam to send the list of roles to the wider group and ask for people to fill the void.
- Double Bills
Suggestion is that events should have a license cap of £100 (average license cost), double bills are still possible but the license cost would need to be covered within the £100. In particular we are talking about multiple features in the same event, not seperate events on the same day nor events with a short a feature.
- Sunday Meeting Time
Suggestion that it be moved to 11 on a Sunday morning. With events on Sunday often using the regular 4 o'clock slot which is no longer consistent. Suggestion to also block off the meeting time so events can't go in unless decided as a group far in advance to allow to advertise the change of meeting time.
- Building Monday 28th
Mainly work upstairs to get us nearer to the point where we can put carpet in upstairs. 6 or 7 people attending so far.
- Internet
Mark to look into a 4G dongle or similar to provide internet for the cinema.
- Website Template
Sam has made a template for creating events on the website and will update the guide with a quick guide, in addition he will e-mail the group to advise them to use the volunteer login section for that kind of information.
- Water and Electric
We need to sign up to a electric and water supplier and Mark to look into possible providers. Bulb was suggested as a potential first choice as they are completely renewable.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: See above...

Sam Taylor