Minutes 10/09/17

Date: 9/10/2017

Minute-Taker: Carl Farrugia

Facilitator: Sam Taylor

Attendees: Sam, Rebecca, Carlos, Sandra, Marta, Carl, Vicky, Marion, Katrina, Wilky

Discussion: -Broadband
-Patronage Marketing/Launch
-Shopping/Bar Stock
-Trello to Google Calendar
-Deptford Trust Conference

-Mark investigated Phone Co-Op broadband so we don't have to use the flat's. Unlimited £23 a month £50 installation fee. They offer £250 start up fund for social enterprises we could apply for. 8 vote for in attendance. Mark and Slav already voted through email list.
- Patron scheme and initial event marketing. Launched last week (1st September 2017) £25 or more a year patron of cinema. So far 24 patrons. Kept seperate from cashflow, quarterly decide what to do with it. Used some so far for PVSL license for surprise screenings/background screenings/closed clubs. £125. Can use for Parent and Child club. But also for Monthly Patron screenings, free for donators. Sunday Sci Fi Club suprise genre films. Only select distributors, lots of big ones though. Quarterly send list of films and when shown them. Marketing of Patron Scheme Vicky flyering at Goldsmiths. pubs, vinyl, albany, dsfl, greenhouse cafe, would be good as well. Prize draw as promotion? Video for FB page? Film and date needed for first patron screening. Sunday 15th? Basket outside for flyers/zines. Big poster for monthly film schedule.
- Events coming up that require fully stocked bar. Licence requires list of spirits. Pay upfront for local breweries rather than invoice.
- Trello to Google Calendar Provisional dates needs work? Maybe one that expires? Email addresses provisional written in title, deleted a month before
-Loomio, project management tool. Replace listeron, also the information bits of Trello. Have seperate groups for seperate volunteering focuses. Polls and other decision making tools. Or Slack? Free versions of each have different pluses and minuses. Loomio is $5 a month cheaper paid tier for not for profits. 
-Buy a new fridge. Sam has found one for £200-£300 to replace old ones. Ramp for door. Table for front under television. Accessibility working group.
-Funding from Deptford Trust, need to go to conference on Friday 15th 9am - 2pm. Sam will go with someone else.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: -Patron flyer poster - Sam
-Send Email how to look up films for pvsl - Sam
-Send Marta zine rack stuff - Sam
-Paying/set up for Loomio - Sam
-Arrange Patronship giveaway raffle and other marketing for Patronship - Vicky

Sam Taylor