Minutes 25/06/17

Date: 6/25/2017

Minute-Taker: Sam Taylor

Facilitator: Carlos Lozada

Following Week's Facilitator: Null Null

Attendees: Carlos, Sam, Vicki FM, Ann-marie FM, Emma FM, Julia (Journalist for East London Lines), Ben

Discussion: - Carlos introduced the cinema
- Quick overview of the past week
- Quick overview of the upcoming week

- Emma asked if there were metrics kept on attendance etc. Carlos said we have the numbers in different places and the recording is getting better but we don't really make use of it as of yet.

- Question about the number of volunteers. Carlos mentioned that there's a core group of people that are spread quite thin doing lots of admin/logistics. Emma mentioned her background is volunteering and she would be happy to help improve that side of things. Nothing really done that's proactive in getting new volunteers, a lot of it is passive from word-of-mouth and not actively targetting people whom haven't heard about the cinema.

- Question about how long has the cinema been open?

- Annmarie (Met some of DC at CFA in Sheffield last year) has come from Leeds, she makes and distributes films. She's working with a film-maker called Sean McAllister from Brixton. Raises money for her own screenings before hand by going around local businesses and asking them to buy a ticket-in-kind, meaning that somebody can come on that ticket but it also covers somebody to come whom can't afford it. Annmarie is going to send us a list of the films from Sean McAllister and we can organise 50/50 split screenings and push it out to the programming list to see whom wants to take on some of the screenings.

- Sam described the idea for the patronage scheme. Suggestion to possibly add a bring a friend free option into the membership process. Sam had produced some prototype membership cards. Biggest part of the job will be publicising the patronage scheme.

- A new programmer called Barry is working on a season of Canadian films. Sam is going to work with him to test the replacement for Trello.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: N/A

Sam Taylor