Minutes 21/05/17

Date: 5/21/2017

Minute-Taker: Sarah McK

Facilitator: Carlos L

Following Week's Facilitator: xxx xxx

Attendees: Adella,Carlos, Maira, Marion, Simon, Slav, Elizabeth, Ranmal,Sam, Sunil, Arthur

Discussion: - electrics
- screening/splitter
- accounts
- donation of DVDs
- preferrred distributors and contact details
- corporate entertainment

problem with projector; flickering fading image. 
Carlos changed the cables and splitter to see if that was the issue and so far it has been working fine.

plan is to restart financial updates at the Sunday meeting.
potentially an update available on the volunteer page of the website also

corporate entertainment
suggestion from Carlos to push private hire to companies for staff events
potential partnership with hullaballoo for food

- sam has a connection with electrician and obtained a second quote.
- quoted £5k not including labour therefore suggested asking council for £7k
- would not impact programming
- would be done 1 room at a time.
- suggested to minimise qualified labour, volunteers do a lot of laying the cabling with qualified electrician for complicated stuff - attaching, wiring, testing and connection
- potential to get skilled labour from development fund. 
- Sam has submitted all the applications required.

- aim to be completed this week
- gets discounted tickets and special screening.
- maybe a wall of names? on the left side of the stairs? could bring their own photo?
- need to get the license for special screenings
- people can join on a rolling basis
- funds from patronage should be ring fenced
- suggested sponsorship might be worth looking in to

- we have 2 tins of paint - its the right colour! we can touch up the walls

electronic music season
- documentary and party based on the genre
- slav has made awesome progress on this - its all lined up.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: - think about brochure for corporate events
-think about promotion and connections for corporate entertainment.

Sam Taylor