Minutes 04/06/17

Date: 6/4/2017

Minute-Taker: Kat Kourbeti

Facilitator: Carl Farrugia

Following Week's Facilitator: NOT APPLICABLE NOT APPLICABLE

Attendees: Marion Magrangeas
Tracy Francis
Kat Kourbeti
Carl Farrugia

Discussion: Points put forward:

A student who walked in today offered to paint a mural on the wall going down the stairs. Not enough volunteers present to do a vote; will send email around so the other volunteers can pitch in.

Any updates to the charity status or the talks with the landlord? Also the electric works? None present have any updates.

WiFi problems - are they over?

Technical problems in the cinema with the cables/wiring between the BR player and the projector - seems to have been fixed now.

Via Slav (who is running an event upstairs at the moment): we should update the programming guide on Trello/the new website, and include a visual flowchart at the front for easy following.

On how the last week has gone:
We had some technical issues with the Korean film shown by MUBI (DVD was for the wrong region).
Everything else has been alright as far as we're all aware.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: Re: the mural - we'll circulate an email about it to the rest of the team and ask for feedback/a vote in a future meeting. The student has given her details to Slav.

On the flowchart/updated programming guide:
Kat can have the updated version ready for Saturday 10th which is the volunteer seminar/training day run by Carlos.
She will liaise with Owen who put together the original document to include any updates.

Sam Taylor