Minutes 07/05/17

Date: 5/7/2017

Minute-Taker: Sam Taylor

Facilitator: Simon Hiler

Following Week's Facilitator: TBC TBC

Attendees: Eva, Simon, Marion, Adela, Anna, Sam, Sunil, Duncan, Adriana, Henry

Discussion: Sam - Council funding for electrics still ongoing. Waiting for the next councillor meeting at the end of May. If all goes ahead we should get the money not long after that.

Week Event Updates
7/5/17 - Went well, full house and the Hullaballo curry cart was really well received.
2/5/17 - Tuesday (I WISH), almost sold out and decent bar takings.
3/5/17 - Wednesday, life drawing, 25 people came. Lots of regulars and lots of new people trying it for the first time.

Simon - Shame that event forms are no longer really done for each event.
Sam - Possibly moving them across to digital and combining them with the cashing up.

Build this week but there are Franck events in Trello but not on the website. Sam to check with him before booking something in on Thursday or Friday.

Eva - Event idea in November, friend from Germany whom is part of a music act whom are interested in coming across and doing a gig. What is the deal with split tickets etc for live music events.
Simon - Depends on whether there is a want to take the door sales and if so then a hire fee would usually be applied.
Eva - 50/50 is likely something they will go for. They are coming across from Germany so they will have that cost.
Sam - Might they want to do more than one night?
Eva - Probably not. Date is 24th of November.

Eva met with a performance artist who is interested in doing an exhibition. Opening event with performance and then stuff on the wall and videos in the window. Possibly on for three weeks but no certain dates or length yet.

Henry wanting to put on a regular night for a record label (Dream Time Records) and underground Australian films. Added to programming listeron to get in touch with regular season programmers for advice etc.

Sunil - Maybe a reminder for people to do publicity for their event.
Sam - Not enough people to work on generic cinema marketing and publicity.
Duncan - Are there specific marketing things that each programmer needs to do to?
Sam - Some but it's barebones and needs to be more extensive.
Simon - We need to be better at editing copy as a whole.
Duncan - Problem being that there's no consistent audience, a strength in that it's lots of varied people coming to events but no good when trying to target all marketing.
Sam - Copy on the website is an issue as there's no consistent voice etc. Should we have a person whose job it is to edit copy after people have added their events?
Simon - Happy to do that.
Duncan - Happy to do generic Twitter management

Sam and Simon to meet to finish the backend access for the cinema website.

Adriana met Brenda whom is the councilor for New Cross. She is heavily on the side of the cinema and is running for Mayor next year.

Adriana asking how we should suggest to the business rates to the council. Two bills, one with the baliffs and one with the council. Decided to tell the council we will prioritize the baliff and in 10 months that will be paid and in the interim work on fundraising events etc to be able to pay them lump sums.

Duncan to do some research and prepare a guide for volunteers in the unlikely event that a baliff does come round.

Sam to be added as a signatory to the bank account alongside Carlos, Phil, Adriana. More signatories would be great; a signatory has access to the cinema's bank account and is responsible for paying in money and all of that kind of information.

Next Sunday Carlos is going to run through the whole finance process and run it and the new signatories by everyone.

Sam to buy the safe for the back room.

Two tills for the time being until we can implement a new form to fill in. Sam to create one and test it for a couple of weeks at Life Drawing.

Adriana to call licensing on Monday to chase up the DPS process. Taking longer because there's a new part to the process where the Home Office have to confirm the nationality of the proposed DPS.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: See Above

Sam Taylor