Minutes 14/05/17

Date: 5/14/2017

Minute-Taker: Sarah Mckeown

Facilitator: Carlos Lozado

Following Week's Facilitator: xxx xxx

Attendees: Carl, Marion, Henry, Carlos, Slav, Aida, Amy, Maira Sarah

Discussion: renew signatories of the bank account.
- None of the original signatories are currently involved in the cinema.
- we therefore agree that we will continue with the Co operative being our bankers
- We agree on the certified copy of resolutions.
- We agree on additional signatories to be authorised on the account. As follows;
Slav, Carlos, Sam, Adriana, and Phil

Mother and child screenings;

- Carlos in process of looking in to this.
- film bank offer public video screening license - £170 to show impromptu screenings of any film on their list.
caveat; can not be advertised, can not charge for them
- great for bar screenings!
- Carlos in touch with lady who would like to run the club
- would also cover events for patrons of DC
we agree to this license.

PPL license
- fee is Circa £170
- we should have this in place so we can play background music legally

Dontations box
- we need a new box
- by the door but secure - with a big bright sign

one till or 2 tills?
- 1 tills is less complicated
- if busy use 2
- from now just use red till

- Marion has extra credits to screen this month from the institute francaise if anyone would like to screen anything.

- discussion of distributors and their approaches to allowing us to screen. good and bad ones etc.

- Amy and Aida interested in doing screenings;
themes surrounding feminism; feminist activism, women in power etc.

- Slav suggests collaborating with local businesses

- peep show event is in the works for mid July.

- increase ticket price for special events?

- event for farewell liverpool small cinema?

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: - pay for various licenses - ppl and pvl license
- sort out signatories after meeting agreed to change
- set up list of distributors with contact details and notes on our experience with them.

Sam Taylor