Minutes 26/02/17 EGM

Date: 2/26/2017

Minute-Taker: Franck Magennis

Facilitator: Sam Taylor

Following Week's Facilitator: Anna Wilkinson

Attendees: Edwin; Sam; Ursula (FM); Tom (FM); Simon; Jonathan; Carlos; Phil; Jameela; Sam; Paul

Discussion: EGM agenda points:
- structure of cinema when we become charity
- disputes and grievance policy
- status of directors

Jameela asked for update re: last EGM
Carlos: meeting didn't happen because Adriana away still away.
Meeting could feasibly happen in next week.

Sam: Discuss structure that when we become charity can avoid recurrence of current issues.
Franck: possibility of trustee drive
Sam: responsibilities of trustee drive: 1 mainly ensure everything cinema does. 2 checking finances.
Status of charity application: ongoing. Charities Commission ("CC") query wording of things. We're waiting to hear.
Edwin: need to re-negotiate contracts. Most organisations will be ok with it. 
CIC can't become charity, so we've set up a new company to become a charity.

Neil Harris gave helpful advice. Gayle probably still has the spreadsheet.

Carlos: develop policies and procedures to follow. CC complaints procedure + governance policies.
Sam: biggest problem, majority assume organisation have paid staff.

Anna: should all decision be made at Sunday meeting or is it a problem?
Sam: at work HR stuff is confidential.
Trustees would have more responsibilities than volunteers.
If complaint is against a trustee that trustee wouldn't be involved.
Sam: Proposal: an aggrieved party takes their grievance to a trustee, who arranged for a committee of peers within cinema separate to the issue but also agreed who then talk to people involved. Try to get to the bottom of it. Volunteers make final decision on sub-committee's recommendation.
Done in the first stage in writing.

Edwin: Named people responsible for that. Jonathan: impractical because of high turnover.
Carlos: a named position.
Sam: directors and DPS have legal tie to the cinema.
Task: people to go away and look at material and apply to designing cinema's structure.

More trustees the better.

Reliant on Carlos
Jonathan: is it even possible to become charity until leases split. Edwin: current lease places restrictions.
Carlos: Reading in code of governance, need to design structure where nobody is in a conflict of interest, even potentially.

Task: Carlos, Adriana, Phil and Sarah to meet with Jimmy to discuss splitting leases.

Laura and Edwin standing down as directors for the same reason as Sarah.
Only Phil remaining
Sarah standing down as DPS, regardless of if we have a replacement, in 2 weeks.
Edwin and Laura to write email setting out what responsibilities he has that need to be passed over.
Daniele also stepping down, has submitted paperwork.

Pressing issue: refilling of directors.
Lucie to possibly take over DPS as stop gap, still need a permanent DPS.

Edwin left.

Task: Draft email inviting people to stand as directors. Email to internal lists.
Task: Carlos to contact Lucie and Sarah. Lucie needs to inform relevant people of her contact info.

Task: someone to apply for funds for making DC accessible.
Task: Jameela to do some research.
Making place accessible could be part of trustee drive.

Paul: putting on Jihad selfie.

Paul: 25 March Cody Entwistle, issues licensing for Arrow Video. They're not putting out DVD until June. Cody bringing down copy himself. Would be nice if a few more volunteers turned up.

Groups Split Into: N/A

Feedback and Tasks: 1. (ongoing) Carlos, Sarah, Phil, Adriana: develop a plan to renegotiate contracts.
2. Carlos: to contact Gayle to ask her for spreadsheet from Neil Harris
3. Anna: look at material and apply to designing cinema's structure.
4. Carlos, Adriana, Phil and Sarah: meet with Jimmy to discuss splitting leases.
5. Laura and Edwin: complete paperwork standing down as directors.
6. Lucie (assuming she’s still willing!) to register as DPS
7. Edwin and Laura: write email setting out what responsibilities that need to be handed over.
8. Sam, Franck, Jonathan, Jameela: Draft email inviting people to stand as directors. Email to internal lists.
9. Carlos: contact Lucie and Sarah about DPS. Lucie needs to inform relevant people of her contact info.
10. Jameela to do some research into accessibility.
11. Fix front door from slamming.

Sam Taylor