Minutes 19/02/17

Date: 2/19/2017

Minute-Taker: Sam Taylor

Facilitator: Carlos Lozada

Following Week's Facilitator: To Be Decided

Attendees: Edwin, Mark (FM), Tracey, Laura (FM), Mary, Nadine, Phil, Sam, Carl, Carlos


Nadine from Cinema For All
Why did we join CFA?

Part of our equipment fund stipulated it, around the same time CFA began providing licenses which was also useful as it's generally cheaper than the average license.

Is there anything that CFA should be doing better?

Carlos - More titles rather than having to use Filmbank. Expand the catalogue. Question about how film licensing/purchasing works from new volunteer? What is Filmbank for example? Cost of licenses discussed but also on ways to get cheaper licenses etc.

Should CFA continue to focus on diverse audiences?

Trying LGBT screenings in areas that don't necessarily have an active LGBT cinema community. Working with Glasgow women's library to organization women only screenings for people who can't go to regular cinema's due to the shared space with men, Children in care screenings. Dementia, autism and hard of hearing screenings. Question about poverty and lower income screenings as cinema is generally seen as a middle class activity. Edwin mentioned that he sees a tension between a national organisation (CFA) and the local organisation (member), thinks rather than running the events from higher up, incentivising the local organisation towards those aims. Short guides that might help organizations to cater for particular diverse audiences with film suggestions etc. A better way to share programmes between CFA members, the license details etc, probably lots of free licenses that could be shared around.

How can film education be better integrated into screenings?

Panels at the conference regarding educational screenings, q&a's etc. Workshops.

BFI funding impacts what CFA can do. The BFI's new 5 year plan has 3 strategies. Future Audiences (particularly 16-30). What can CFA do better going forward?

More of a network amongst members. More focus on organisational structure etc.

Positives from past week - Mary volunteered at Le Parc and there were 36 patrons. Heater left on overnight though. Carlos ran Mr Rudolphos Jubilee, sold out and ran out of drinks, plus a journalist from Time Out came along. Taxi Zum Klo on Friday, decent turnout.

- Mark's son is a budding film maker. Looking to put on a short film festival maybe in April to raise funds for a longer film to be shot in summer. A Saturday afternoon, £150 is too much but a door split was suggested.

- Tracey is screening American Honey on 10th of March. Sam to put it on the website tomorrow morning. Looking for volunteers.

- Mary pointed out that there wasn't an accessibility note on Facebook or the website. Mary is going to write something that can be added to both. 

- New DPS needed but will discussed next week at EGM.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: N/A

Sam Taylor