Minutes 19/11/17

Date: 11/19/2017

Minute-Taker: Anna Wilkinson

Facilitator: Carlos L

Attendees: Carlos, Sandra, Adriana, Maya, Slav, Becca, Tom, Clara, Anna, Victor

Discussion: - Intro and description of Deptford Cinema, programming and governance arrangements from Carlos for two new volunteers
- Finance, finance update, accounts, Broadband, charity application, keys, Director, publicity of award and party rules, cinema security and insutance were added to the agenda

Monthly finance update
- Carolos shared monthly and daily running costs (Carlos explained that some of money in November came into the cinema in October); all majoor expenditure for November already made; 
- Slav said the financial situation had improved significantly - short term aim to have 2 months of rent and fixed costs; reduction in income Decmber over Chrsitmas was predicted when fewer events are scheduled; January also might take less money; discussed need to analyse financial information more deeply for insight into what will attract customers but noted that it is hard to presict what attracts peopel to the cinema; the temperature of the cinema was discussed, it was said organising blankets and using heaters would help; Sandra said that building work in the cinema should be a priority
- Noted breakdown of bar and box office in formation would be useful; Slav estimated that bar was around 80% of takings
- Becca said that she would be able to look at the cinema's finance information and do further analysis
-Slav said that if the cinema continued to perform in the same way for the next 6 months that would be a good result

Annual account
- backdated debt to Lewisham Council of 6500k- paying of £400 per month
- Annual accounts are (nearly?) done
- Comparison with last year's finances is good ; last year the cinema lost £2500; this year we had a £4000 surplus
- More films were screened more regularly in this period; increase in other income e.g. Private hires,
- expectation is that if this contiunues accounts will improve until Arpil 2018
- Roughly 10k of debts including to repay cinema directors loans which is 3.7k per month- aim is for this to be paid off by 2019
- Account needs to be signed off by a director but no director is currently able to do this; Marion M who is director of the company that the cinema will bvecome on the way to it attains charitable status might be able to sign off the accounts

Charity application
-Application documents to be reviewed by external consultants
- Need to create transfer agreement, transfer assets to company, question about whether to keep the cinema CIC
- Slav said that the cinema had been advised it is sensible to keep a private/trading wing of a charity for e.g. VAT reasons. 
- Carlos pointed out issues with having a separate trading company, which would face the same issues in terms of sourcing volunteers, as the cinema has had
- Google ads that generate income for the cinema, once a charity, could be arranged but would need to be discussed first

- Problems with current broadband arrangements - currently using upstairs flats' broadband and currently cinema is exploring getting its own broadband
- Cinema has no conenction to the main exchange and this needs to be arranged - Mark is going make another appointment

- Sandra has asked for a key to help with programming a season and to help others open the cinema
- Issue with proliferation of keys so we are going to approach people who have had keys in the past
- Changing the lock was discussed - 3 or 4 keys might have gone astray but so far the approach has been to find a n existing key holder that is prepared to give up theirs.
- Drawing up a policy on key-holding and checking the terms of the insurance policy was suggested.
- Slav and Carlos to look at insturance policy after meeting

Party rules
- Meeting due to be arranged to discuss policy on parties
- Noise disturbing people so need to establish time cut-offs

- Insurance policy is about to expire so a new one needs to be arranged
- Coverage deailted in policy (attached) 
- New policy proposed for which premiums would be 131.67 for 10 months which would be slightly cheaper than the previous policy
- It was agreed by 10 volunteers at meeting to accept the terms and arrange the new policy. 

Cinema security
- Donations box containing around £10-5 was stolen
- Volunteers should be warned that thefts have happened recentlyand that they should not leave the bar unattended and be generally extra careful
- Volunteers should empty donation box every day and work into day's takings

Publicisng Deptford Cinema's Best Film Prgamming Cinema For All award
Suggestions for how to promote award included:
- Lewsiham has a local paper and monthly magazine that we could advertise the award in
- Asking other organisations to share ur social media posts
- Send out on mail chimp
- Email the Council

Slav suggested that given the scale of Deptford Cinema's activities does we should consider applying for other awards

LLC wanted to show a film and borrowed DC account to arrange - film was never shown and debt not paid. Cinema has paid but money needs to be collected from LLC
- The cinema's account shouldn't therefore be used by others

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: - Organise new insurance policy and check terms.
- Do more promotion of the Cinema For All award
- Advise volunteers of recent thefts and not to leave bar unattended
- Donations box should be worked into takings at the end of every day

Sam Taylor