Minutes 03/12/17

Date: 12/3/2017

Minute-Taker: Marion Magrangeas

Facilitator: Carlos Lozada

Attendees: Carlos, Anna,Tom, Sami, Ola, Marion, Becca, Sasha

Discussion: Finance Update:
We make about £165/day. We lose this amount when the cinema remains closed for a day: keep ensuring it is never the case, even when there are no films on and we only sell a few drinks, any profit counts.
November was a good month.
Parties were a good source of profit again.
Debt: we still owe the council approx. £4000 : will be paid by August/September 2018 at a rate of £400/month.
We currently pay rent by installment : £100/month - it is likely the rent will increase next year; we don't know by how much yet. 
A meeting will be organised soon regarding the finances and legal status of the cinema.

Key policy
Becca, Maira and Anna drafted a document regarding key policies. It has been sent by email but will be accessible on loomio and the volunteer section of the website in r next couple of days.
15 KEYS - 5 roving/10 permanent
Register complaints + review of key holders at Sunday meetings/monthly basis.
Long term key holders (contact details on loomio/website)
Short term/contextual key holders
>>>>> set up register for both
Specific roving keys (facilitates more flexibility)
Criteria: attendance and participation + geography
-Long-term/regular volunteers
-Knowledge of how the cinema works (technical aspects/finances/stock etc.)
-Regular programmers (often need to be 1st on site and set up/lock up)
-Ability to come last minute in case of emergency
>>>Lock/insurance: our current insurance stipulates our lock should conform to british legal standards (BS3621)-if it doesn't we are not insured in case of a burglary. 
The lock will be changed and new keys made and distributed in accordance with the redacted Key policy. 
IMPORTANT POINT: Changing the door to a more secure one. According to Carlos' research: cost: £300-£400. 
Makes no sense to change just the lock and get new keys if we are to do it again as we change the door- discussions about changing the door fully are in process. Updates on loomio/hands email list.

Recurring issues
Frequency buzzing
>>>> need to be solved
Ola will be investigating today.

Charity application
Waiting to hear from the adviser; process in progress though.
+we have support from FilmLondon and people wi good film credentials. 

First aiders
How many are there among the volunteers?
Consider organising another training. 
Marion will research prices etc.

IMPORTANT POINT/REMINDER: branding and design: use the cinema's fonts/label/logo
Set up a budget for facebook promotion- Tom
>>>> promotion of DC as a whole

New installation December 22
Offer customers free wifi
Change of password monthly

Party policy
On Loomio: please read it

Final point- discuss free hot beverages for volunteers on the day they volunteer

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: See above.

Sam Taylor