Minutes 05/11/17

Date: 11/5/2017

Minute-Taker: Georgie Scott

Facilitator: Carlos Lozada

Attendees: Joey, Bruce, Angus, Victor, Georgie, Carlos, Adela, Marion, Hakim

Discussion: Introducion to deptford cinema
Code of conduct
-Create a code of conduct to draw on talking to customer and volunteers, ?vicky to assist help draw up a plan
-Volunteers to contact Vicky regarding interest for dcode of conduct

Finance report
- Sharing of the financial report
- Explaination of patronage scheme- use of money from the patronage scheme
- Suggestionn to monitor cinema finances yearly to identify factors/films that improve finances
- Discussion of hiring - loomio cinema hire group, Covering expenses for volunteers to facilitate hire
- Discussion on refund for travel expensive - cap on expense, can claim expenses when the cinema stays open after midnight
-Future meeting on the cost of hire? Increase the price of hire? Should it stay reasonable to remain a community cinema that is accessible to the local cinema, Community discount? 
-Proposal to raise hire rate by £10, day time rate £85 evening rate £160 - recommendation to review cinema hire for 2018

- Discussion of loomio and how it works

Cinema for All conference
- Friday Saturday and Sunday - award ceromny in Sheffield
- Shortlisted for Best programmer 10-12th november
- People to represent deptford cinema, Carlos, Sam, Owen to represent the cinema
- Yearly award ceremony, 2016 Best society and Best Programming winners, supported by BFI

Shorts night - part of ireland on screen
- Short film night for new
- Loomio shorts series - 
- Referred to programming groups on loomio and help out to learn about cinema, future workshops to programmers to teach
Programming process

Back seats to move
-Back seats too low and prevent seeing subtitles during foreign language films
-Discuss with building team on raising seats

Discussion on programming
-License fees
-Formats that we can utilise to screen films - bluray, dvd, mp4
-Use of own computers
- Playing a run of films and cost - if we can do minimum guarantee and then % of box office, to do a run, which distributors is this available with, does this fit with deptford cinema porgrammers
-Programmers do marketing, staffing events, printing, flyers

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: - 2018 review of hiring
-Liase with building team regarding seats
-Review travel expenses for volunteers working late at next week meeting, with a cap

Sam Taylor