Building Meeting Minutes 04/10/17

Date: 9/3/2017

Minute-Taker: Sam Taylor

Facilitator: Sam Taylor

Attendees: Tom, Sam, Sandra, Joey, Marion, Maira

Discussion: Jobs that can be done in short sessions:
- Painting the last doors, in the corridor
- Hanging award frames
- Repairing ceiling in the corridor
- Shelving in bar
- Light in the storage room
- Merch sign behind the bar
- Stereo behind the bar shelves
- New seat needed for toilets

5th of November, plastering the walls by the door are the main priority. Other tasks can be done in other rooms depending on the number of volunteers.

Attempt to follow up the next steps before the 10th of December building to spend that day carpeting. The follow-up steps needed are sanding, priming and then painting.

Building sessions booked for 26th - 30th. If upstairs is complete, then move onto finishing the stairwell and possibly raising the stage.

Sam to book a whole weekend at the end of January.

Part of the door removed tonight that stops it making the slamming noise but not stopping it closing fast.

Groups Split Into: Building

Feedback and Tasks: N/A

Sam Taylor