Minutes 29/10/17

Date: 8/29/2017

Minute-Taker: Viki Walden

Facilitator: Sam Taylor

Attendees: Carlos, Dagmar, Daniel, Becca, Viki, Joey, Sam

Discussion: AGENDA: Making boxes of Deptford Cinema mugs to sell
Finance update
Programming calendar and booking calendar
Data protection
Noise friendly notice
Clean up team
Party fundraising
Charity application
Build next Sunday
Drumkit / sound update

Making boxes of Deptford Cinema mugs to sell
Finance update
-Lewisham Council rates to be paid off my next year. Listeron subs will come to an end except for hands (deadline 1st December £75 to £25 pm from then). Volunteers to move over to Lomioo for comms from 1st December. 
Broadband instalated 8th November between 1-6pm: Install under TV upstairs. Check volunteers are still available? Email list to see if anyone free and perhaps we could use the space during this time.
Licences - programming Lomio post for programmers to list distributors have deals with.
Film bank invoices need to be paid quickly to avoid account being blocked. Film not shown - invoice been sent to appropriate people. 
Agreed at last meeting bank account not to be lent to anyone else.
Bank account £2915.23, £600 estimated invoices to pay. 
Finance group: idea is to reach a level where we have 2 month cushion of finances in the bank. As charity we need to have it. 
For next finance update: end dates for directors' loans, installment back rent etc, council rates (July). 
Possible planning for a projection budget (Becca to sent template to Carlos)

Programming calendar and booking calendar
Trello > Website causing some trouble. Volunteers need to read emails.
People booking provisional but not full bookings on the webpage. 
Events need to go on the public-facing side of the website too, 
Provisional bookings seem to be causing the issue at the moment. 
Regular season dates in calendar as tags / other bookings no provisional bookings and licence to be secured before calendar booking. Sam to remove provisional option on webpage. Deadline for changing - 1st December to remove provisional dates.

Data protection
Need to register with Information Commission Office £35 to register. Data Protection policy will need to be displayed on website. Carlos to pay ICO, Sam to put together Data Protection policy.

Noise friendly notice
Question about noise policy - should be notifying neighbours. Date and end time, what the event is and distribute to neighbours. Parties are causing disturbance to neighbours. Police are supposed to be informed about parties - part of the licence agreement (2 weeks before).Separate meeting to focus on guidelines for parties. Responsibilities of the party organisers. Guidelines for safety - taxies for volunteers to get home if far away. Meeting to be booked via loomio - Main page (Sam). Possibility of renting outside space from council - research?

Clean up team
Only one with no facilitator - needed. 
Deep clean as part of build agenda? Cleaning to be part of building and maintaenance

Party fundraising
Has fixed budget
Bring into party meeting

Decorations? Ask Slav
Clear up decorations after putting up. 

Charity application
On Lomioo - date needed to get application together. 
Obstacles: directorship, debt
Too many companies. Dissolve to just charity. 

Build next Sunday
Build starting after the meeting next Sunday. Aims: plastering and painting upstairs to prepare for carpeting. Potential for deep clean too. Dec 10th? Build is for carpeting. 
Brainstorm takling electrics - funding: Sam to arrange date. Sam and Viki to converse about Matt coming to review electrics. 
Boxing Day to NYE blocked for building. 

Noise/ drumkit / new lamp
No final solution on the projector sound issue?
New lamp £150. 
Email to volunteers - we need sound engineer.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: SEE ABOVE

Sam Taylor