Minutes 22/10/17

Date: 10/22/2017

Minute-Taker: Sami Itavuori

Facilitator: Slav Slav

Attendees: Nell, Sami, Carlos, Joey, Marion, Slav, Latima, Anna, Viki, Georgie, Laura

Discussion: Agenda points: -Status of the cinema (Marion) 
-Journalism contacts
-Use of cinema bank accounts
-patronage scheme
-outreach flyer
-work placement scheme

Status of the cinema: we have changed our company name i.e. Big step toward charity status (new name Deptford community Cinema limited). 4 directors in the board= Marion, Adriana Lucie, Phil + necessity to find trustees. Private company limited by guarantee
We have a document that sets the charitable directions for the cinema but we need to revisit it. There is a section on Loomio that tackles this exact thing and the documents will be uploaded. 
We will have a meeting to review this document and amend it. Once that's done the document will be submited to the charity review organisation before making the official application by the council. 
Question abou the transfer of financial goods (i.e. Liquidities and debts) we will need professional consultancy and help to figure out that all of this is done by the book. We want everything to be as legal as possible.
The change of name is done so we can go on with the drafting and submission of the application in the next few weeks. 
Marion addresses the necessity of inter-group communication especially between those taking care of the status change and the status. The status and financial situation hasprevented some actions from the ACCESS group this far. Now it should go smoothly onwards and we should be able to make grant applications very soon. 

Finance (Carlos) 
Running costs 4 estimate agregates, running costs per month at around 5000 pounds and we have to make about 170 pounds per day. 
Slav: imortance of free licences and focussing on bar income flux
Income per month at the moment, we have a mix of surplus and deficits since June. Our income has generally increased due to the increase in ticket prices and because we have changed the quality of the stock supplies i.e. We changed from artisan beers to a more financially sustainable option (Sant Miguel). We also have free licences from Cinema for Peace, the Goethe Institute... Our running cost/income are getting in a stabile situation but it is not ideal yet. According to Slav running the cinema with an average 24 films we are running at a big loss. The patronage scheme as an emergency fund has helped but in June August September we have had fundraising events that have generated £1000-1200. We need to focus more on events that will bring in people in addition to film programming. There is a balance that needs to be found. PARTIES: bring it here at the cinema with all your friends, or organise gigs and poetry events. Georgie points out to the fact that this is a good short term solution to consolidate the financial situation but on the long term we need to build our cinephile customer basis. At the moment it's a matter of pragmatism. We need to make 160pounds to cover the costs if you organise a screening. 
3 avenues: patronage scheme, parties, get access to free films. Georgie agrees that these are alright but emphasis need to get the customers from the local community. Viky emphasis the need for direct outreach in Deptford + need to shape the events and screenings to make them successful. 
We need to synchronise the programming more and get the loomio goup going. 
We are paying the rent in installments because the fire handicapped the cinema. Then the LBL cost will be payed by July 2018 = long term payements to be kept in sight
We have a £1800 emergency fund from the patronage scheme that is for use only in crisis. Ideal situation would be to have 3 months of rent in advance on our accounts. We have to be careful with money. We might need to outreach to companies as a possible venue for their venues. The target could be young creatives or young professionals to have a good night at the cinema with movies etc... 
Sami draft a coorporate outreach roadmap
Viky has also friends who work in cultural networks
Latima is also outreaching to the Austrian Cultural institute

Marc got a contract with the telephone coop. We have a contract and its gonna cost about 30bp a month with unlimited broadband upstairs and downstairs. Solution to us crashing the wifi upstairs. They'll install it on the 8th of November between 1pm and 6pm Nell and Laura volunteered to be here. Viky will provide the key. Maybe somewhere very close to the front. We'll still discuss this

Slav contacted evening standard, metro etc We are looking for volunteers in contact with journalists general and film related --> seek patronage! Promote the patronage scheme via a special narrative i.e. "Save our community cinema" (viki) 
Maybe use the facebook list of people who have liked the deptford cinema page. Viki will investigate + maybe we should produce some video material or diffuse it more effectively
Kevin raised point that if we are going to use people's details we have to get registered by the information protection officer and that will cost £35, its a legal requirement. The cost is for a year
We have also a new water supplier and this will probably create additional costs
Same with electricity, a big thing that needs to be solved and clarified

22 keys in total and in circulation for the front door. Held by a mix of heavily involved people and others who haven't been involved for a while. There is a demand for keys from new programmers. 
We have the details of all the people who hold key. 
In terms of security we need to minimise the nb of keys that are in circulatio. 
Could we maybe just change the lock? At the moment th eplan is to make a key audit and then redistribute them. Need a rationale for this distribution i.e. Regular programmers and local area

Use of Bank account
Orgaanisations have asked us if they could use our account to apply for funding. Seems like an unsound thing to do. 
Other organsiations wanted to use our film bank account to show a movie. A volunteer gave access, they booked a movie and then Film Bank asked us a box office turnover bill. We asked this organisation to supply these info but they never organised the creening --> we got £100 invoice for this from Film Bank, we will pay but ask for refund from this organisation
We need to be careful: We don't book films for other or give our bank details

Outreach flyers
Marion showed the the flyer, she will edit some mistakes
We will add a facebook and instagram logos
We can add a patronage and donation section + book your events here
There is a new joinusatdeptfordvolunteer email address
There is no one in charge of a newsletter at the moment, maybe we could send the digital zine and calendar via email
Hugo and Georgie made a new volunteer feedback form
We should direct volunteers to Loomio directly and this would reduce the stress relating to the email load

Work placement scheme
Goldsmith career services approached Marion to know if the cinema can provide work placement schemes? 
It does not seem to fit or work out in the general structure of the cinema
We could have a mentoring programme i.e. Older volunteers helping out new volunteers

Gallery Space? 
Maybe try to get a monthly turnover of the art in the gallery

Georgie came on Friday night to see Ratfilm and there was an issue with the soundsystem i.e. A problem with the soundport of the projector
Georgie might ask her neighbour who is a sound ingeneer to come and advice

Internship requires employement laws + ethical question
Kevin said there was a checklist that could be filled before and after events i.e. So that everyone who organises an event has to clean after. We will print it out, laminate and leave it at the bar
Maybe on Loomio we could have a timetable that presents the volunteer/hand situation for each event. 
+also a document for people who are available day time

Email about waste disposal Two types of bags the transparent and dark browm. More bags are inthe storage room. Don't put half full bags out, they are expensive
For the refund of printing costs we need a paper trail i.e. Receipts and then a follow up on how much money was refunded. The money should come from the cash box.

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: K

Sam Taylor