Minutes 08/10/17

Date: 10/8/2017

Minute-Taker: Eva Ruschkowski

Facilitator: Carl Farrugia

Attendees: Sami Itavuori, Carl Farrugia, Annette Holbourne, Anna Herzog , joey ojeinola. Martyna Glowacka, Eva Ruschkowski, Slav

Discussion: introduction round and greeting new volunteers

No financial update because no one with the necessary insights was present

1. Concert on 24th of November - Rakete
Eva asked for help with organisation, Group discussed best ways to promote unknown band, help and suggestions still welcome!

2. Access

Sami gave an update on the access group that has been meeting to improve the cinema's accessibilty.
Research to get a stairlift: a 2nd hand stair lift can be bought for £300/400
However to install the chair lift the electrics would need a make over

Temporary Solution: chair could run on batteries (3/4months) (price unknown)

group wants to design fkyer to get the funding. They are also planning a "Welcome first time volunteers flyer" and "General outreach to community" flyer as the present audience doesnt reflect demographics of the cinema - Multilingual flyer to get new people to use the cinema is planned

Group is also doing research on hearing loop

Sami invited to join the access meeting which is usal once a week - Sami is contact person if you want to join

3. Sami contacted a group named Cultural resistance, a film production company based in San Francisco specialising in documentary film making. Sami would like to programme a series of screening which he believes can be negotiated down to $100 (from $150). Sami also noted out their good network that might help to promote the cinema

4. Genereal questions and discussion about programming

From the 1st of December trello will change to the website (to claim event spots)

Discussion on how to programme events that bring in some money
Screening series

5. Funding application

Becca and Carlos have started looking into funding application with the lottery fund for one off funding ( that could be used for electrics or chair lift // electrican has made cost assessment - improvement of wiring downstairs would add up to around £4000/7000

Slav mentioned problems that have happened in the past because of the director situation and the status of the cinema. 

Name of the cinema got finally successfully changed to Deptford Community Cinema Ltd. which should make the application to become a charity easier. 

6. Building work
Carlos has bought a sockett for downstairs (plugs had fallen out of the wall)

Broken chair - Sami will ask a friend to potentially repair the chair

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: N/A

Sam Taylor