Accessibility Meeting Minutes - 28/09/17

Date: 9/28/2017

Minute-Taker: Sami Itavuori

Facilitator: Sami Itavuori

Attendees: Sami Itavuori
Hugo Clarke
Joey Ojerinola
Marion Magrangeas

Discussion: Accessibility

Access stairlift
Hearing Loop
Outreach (targeted/general)

Cheap Stairlift on ebay <250bp
Keep in mind the service charge = fixed cost every 6 months
Measure the stairs and see how it can be installed
Question of finance if it is under 200bp it is gonna be manageable by crowdfunding
à 500bp fundraiser to cover the first year of maintenance

Status of charity pb to start searching for funding
Outreach project not affected by the current status
we have to get involved in the status change process i.e. know what’s going on
already be actively involved in outreach

Make templates of grant application or email models

Importance of keeping a clear track record of our progress

Step 1 Outreach Design the flyer and get them translated - Joey wants to do it
Layout and Data = 2 tasks
Get it approved at the general meeting
Print it out at DIY store
At same time we research the groups to whom we will give
Step 2 We give it to the shortlisted groups
Step 3 Follow up on if they are interested to collaborate

Make sure that there is always one ACCESS member in the general meeting to give updates on our work i.e. contribute to proactive and productive Sunday meetings

Hearing loops = cost assessment
Defo on the agenda for this year

Georgie investigates the deaf cinema concept i.e. having a sign language ‘subtitled’ movie once a week

Think about kid’s nights and the fire safety standard à keep on the agenda

Marion and Joey for outreach flyer Sunday 15th October submit to General meeting

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: Stairlift:
Chair on ebay approx. £250
Need to contact lewisham council for permission/tax
Need to get a quote for the installation cost/schedule installation
Service charge: fixed cost every 6 month
Fundraising £500 to cover cost of first year of maintenance

Waiting for Deptford Challenge Trust inventory of local charities/organisations beginning 10/2017
Contact Action on Hearing Loss beginning 10/2017

General outreach:
flyer: design + data (deadline October 15th)
translation in diff. languages
-general description
-list of roles
-contact details

Sam Taylor