Minutes 27/11/16

Date: 27/11/2016

Minute-Taker: Carl Farrugia

Facilitator: Sam Taylor

Following Week's Facilitator: TBD

Attendees: Sam Taylor, Andrew fm, Carl Farrugia, Anna, Dagma, Ivan, Christina, Carlos, Owen Van Spall, Alan fm

Discussion: Introductions, explanation of cinema for new visitiors, etc.

Positives from last week: Nearly selling out in advance Good Vibrations on Friday. End of exhibition party Thursday quite successful on the bar. Volunteers met on Wednesday to work on new website, hopefully ready in the new year. 

Owen thinking of running event creation/promotion/running workshop in the near future, possibly semi-regularly. Sam mentioned having a quarterly programming meeting to get ahead with it. Plan regular seasons, etc.

Groups Split Into: Programming, Publicity, Admin

Feedback and Tasks: N/A

Sam Taylor