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EVERYTHING I LOVE, DISAPPEARS (Video installation, 2019) by Maj Rafferty

EVERYTHING I LOVE, DISAPPEARS Video installation and performance evidence, 2019 by Maj Rafferty.

Friday 25th OctoberLaunch event: 6pm – 9pm / Saturday 26th October 2pm-8pm / Sunday 27th October 12pm-4pm

A video installation by Maj Rafferty reflecting on gentrification and consequences of the bleaching of our society. This video installation looks at how living leaves marks, and what is left when we wash away evidence of habitation. The piece explores how strength and power, forces and shapes material and our world.

Gentrification and living situations, finding a space within oneself or reclaiming such space physically, is what the piece explores. The piece looks at how living leaves marks, and what is left when we wash away evidence of living or are forced to. How can we reclaim room in a society where neutrality and cleanness is bleaching most physical spaces?

" People can be located and given an address, but they cannot dwell, dwelling is a place for privacy. The inner space and outer space, thus our personal space only we can know.” (21: Ivan Illich: Water of Forgetfullness)

Part of Deptford X Fringe 2019

Deptford X is London’s longest running contemporary visual arts festival. It was launched in 1998 as a free, annual, artist-led festival based in and around Deptford, South East London. For 10 days every year, the festival brings artists from around the world to Deptford and showcases their work alongside some of the most creative talent living and working in the area in its uniquely un-juried fringe programme. Dates of this year’s festival are: 25 October - 3 November.

Maj Rafferty has lived in different collectives, housing projects and squats in Denmark, England and Germany. Her work and practice often reflects on the effects of reclaiming and losing space. She believes that privacy and the right to a home is a human right, not investment.