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UNTITLED - Chunliu Lin


Untitled includes many varied subjects; portraits, landscapes, flowers and birds. They are traditional but contemporary paintings.

Chunliu Lin studed oil painting and traditional Chinese painting in China, being interested in Western and Eastern culture and exploring the similarities of Gongbi painting to the Tampere paintings; both with their attention to line. Line is very important in Chinese painting, due to the shared origin with Chinese calligraphy. Through the artwork, the artist is shown to care about the universe and their own spirit.

The work is based on Chinese traditional painting and uses natural colours and ink. The colours in nature are stable and maintain their vibrancy for many years. The silk is unusual as it is coated in gum and potassium alum allowing it to be painted on again and again, with increasingly deeper and stronger tones.

Join us on the 4th of June from 2PM to 6PM for the opening and private view. The bar will be open and serving free snacks and tea.

Earlier Event: May 4