Deptford Cinema Film Festival is a quarterly event focused on independent film with regular screenings, and is a platform for fresh ideas and emerging talent. Setin the popular art-house cinema in Deptford, the festival is an opportunity to explore new cinema and original film making. Programmes are curated by genre and rotate on a regular basis.

For our next season Deptford Cinema Film Festival are proud to present: On the Spectrum – A presentation of films by film makers who are... likewise.

On Saturday 7th December the DCFF will be screening work from a diverse range or filmmakers in various styles, all with the common theme of being related to Autism. They will be showcasing the best work of film-makers who are anywhere and everywhere on the Autistic Spectrum. People 'on the spectrum' are under-represented in the creative world, and yet these people often possess the strongest of creative streaks. The On the Spectrum presentation seeks to showcase the diversity of talent, imagination and unique perspective of these film-makers by providing a platform for them to bring their ideas to new people.

We are proud to have an open-door policy for what we are looking to screen; shorts, animations, documentaries, features, avant-garde, mainstream - submissions from all genres are welcome. One film already programmed is Frosted Glass, an award-winning film written and produced by Anthony Fairweather, a film-maker and artist with Asperger's Syndrome and directed by the Grammy-nominated director Ben Cole.

NEXT Festival EVENT: Saturday 7th december 2019 - 1pm - 4pm

Great spot and great selection of films. Had a great time!
— Rebecca Flynn
Keep up the good work supporting Indie Films
— Cynthia Bergen
Thank you Festival Team. Great team, excellent communication.
— Franc Kopic