It is with some regret that we announce that for the first time since opening, we are having to raise our ticket prices. It is a decision we have been avoiding for the last year but from 14th August 2017, our full price tickets will go up to £6 and concessionary tickets will go up to £4.50. We hope you agree that in London this is still exceptionally good value and that you will continue to support us. 

As most of our audience know, Deptford Cinema is completely volunteer-run and works on a non-profit basis which means that all the money we make from ticket sales and the bar goes straight back into the cinema. No one involved with the cinema is paid and we receive no significant funding grants, largely due to being a time-poor organisation that lacks the staff to pursue such options. All the monies we currently generate comes from ticket sales. But to show films and keep independent cinema accessible, we have to pay distributors for the rights, and the only way we can find the funds needed to continue doing this is through a small increase in what we charge. With no other income stream, this is the only way we believe we can meet our monthly running costs. 

We do recognise that for some, every penny counts, and we are looking at options to have cheap screenings on a regular basis. If our funding position improves we will definitely review our prices again. In the meantime, we want to continue showing the films we do, and hope that you will continue to want to see them. You can check out our current programme here.

In other news, in the next few weeks, we will be launching a patron scheme inviting our audience to contribute a donation to the cinema to help us stay afloat and fund the improvements the space needs. If you are able to support us in this way, you will be helping to keep our prices as low as possible for all and help us remain an affordable cultural asset in the community.

Deptford Cinema has survived this long because of the generous community of filmgoers and volunteers around it so we would like to thank everyone who continues to support us and has enjoyed what we do. 

If you would like to get more involved in any aspect of the cinema we are always in need of more help. If you have time, ideas, or anything else you feel you can contribute, please come along to one of our regular meetings held on Sundays at 4pm, speak to any of our current volunteers during opening hours, or get in touch with us by emailing info@deptfordcinema.org

We hope to see you at the cinema in the near future.


The London Borough of Lewisham was one of only two London boroughs with no dedicated cinema. Deptford Cinema is a not-for-profit community led project that decided it was time to make this change, with the building of a new venue for film and arts on Deptford Broadway.

The cost of a cinema ticket today can be upwards of £12 and even more when you factor in the travel for Lewisham residents to nearby Greenwich or Southwark, or central London; it is increasingly no longer an affordable night out. Cinema should be for everybody, more often, and that’s the ethos of Deptford Cinema, providing interesting cinema, that’s also accessible.

Approaching its third year of regular screenings, Deptford Cinema is now the oldest operating cinema in Lewisham.

Deptford Cinema is being built by the community, for the community. Although our 40 seat cinema is open for business and fully functional, we are all in the process of completing our darkroom, gallery space and a fully licensed cafe/bar. The programming of events and films is open to anybody to show the films they want, and the cinema will be a hub for all things film in Lewisham.

With our regular programming gaining momentum, there is still a lot of work to do, especially with finishing the internal fit out of the space. If you think you can help out and would like to get involved and become a part of the cinema, it’s easy: come along to one of our Sunday meetings, held each week within the cinema at 4PM.

The organisation has no hierarchy, each volunteer is on equal footing and all decisions are made as a group at these regular meetings.

Deptford Cinema is registered as




An ongoing season of queer themed cinema, monthly throughout the year.

An ongoing season of queer themed cinema, monthly throughout the year.